Zach's PEN #35: Sweet 16

2021 Week 12: It's Allison's birthday, second vaccine shots, and hopeful economic news

Dear PENpals,

Today is Allison's birthday. The love of my life, my partner in crime, the sorceress who fashioned two of the cutest babies I've ever seen (bias alert) out of oxygen, magic, and take-out food. She likely won't read this but I just want to let all my PENpals know that she's the best wife, the most nurturing mother, and she has more than earned the very happiest of birthdays.

I'll keep this one short because I'm taking Allison for her second Pfizer shot here in a minute (!). I get my second Moderna on Tuesday (!!). It feels like the end of a fifty year period in the wilderness but I must acknowledge that I've experienced some pretty powerful transformations this year.

It's a stressful time with imminent Markee launch but I've stuck to my new habits. They feel pretty resilient. I still do need to see how they do in Failure Mode but this week I'll hit 100 days in a row both exercising and writing and—well—something seems to be working.

One really cool piece of news: Just found out that in Q1 2021, Short Order Production House broke even. This was a horrible year for production companies and I feel so fortunate that my team has gotten us back to this point. Very hopeful for what's to come.

Syracuse plays my inlaws' alma mater tonight in the Sweet 16. I don't understand why every game has to be at a million o'clock at night, but LET'S GO ORANGE.

This Week's Posts

I wrote about what technologies and thought technologies™ I've been using to write a daily post for the last 95 (now 96) days straight.

I wrote about the universal basic income results in Stockton, California and an idea I've had for a long time for an incubator of sorts.

I wrote some thoughts about tickling my children and tickling in general.

I wrote about how creating something small every day allows me to be more mindful, deliberate, and flexible with the bigger things I want to make.

I wrote about the old factory floors we lived with for five years and that were so tragic to pull up.

I wrote about a different way to interpret hateful words.

I wrote about the barrier to practice.