Zach's PEN #38: Fake Company Logos

2021 Week 15: Back on set, and some fake companies and logos I enjoyed making

Dear PENpals,

We shot the Markee videos!

It was neat being on set directing actors again, and I have to say I gave these actors a really difficult task. I wrote the scripts to be messy conversational, spoken extemporaneously by someone being interviewed or giving a testimonial. That's really tricky. They did incredibly well, as did the entire crew: Mauro directing and doing some crazy 3D CGI, more on that soon, Mauro and Jason prepping for our first foray into virtual production, Hannah, Alexander, and Kim producing like crazy on a short timeframe, Newton casting, Christina script supervising, Josh on sound, Alexander recording additional audio and behind-the-scenes, Leisa on the always-perfect makeup, Brittney on hair, Ardit in his first role as a PA, Sam DITing and editing, and Matt approving the budgets (thanks Matt).

I wrote some thoughts after being back on set.

Fake Companies

One thing that has been fun in the creation of these first Markee videos is making up five companies. As some of you know, I have always loved naming things. I love it. Well, I had five characters for whom I needed to come up with five companies. Together with our amazing designer Euge (who is taking some much needed vacation for the next two weeks), these are the five characters with their fake company names and logos I came up with (we had to knock these out in a day).

First, there's Valeria Gutierrez, a sales team lead for a big multinational corporation.

Next, there's Charlie Larkin, a creative consultant with a small design/content marketing agency.

Then, Lara, an operations manager for a big tech company.

Mona, the director of a non-profit theatre company.

Lastly, there's Newton, a customer support director. The funny thing with Newton is that he's also actually Markee's customer support director and he's actually an extremely talented actor (and he served as casting director for these videos). This logo is my personal favorite.

We loved the Toasty concept so much that we made a hoodie out of it (thanks to Kim for the iron-on graphic magic).

Are these the best fake company names and logos ever created? No. Do I love them as if they were? Yes. From this point forward, whenever you hear the word "Toasty," your mind just might say... "We got you." Thanks for that, Eu. Now go get some damned rest.

This Week's Other Posts

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We had a little health scare with Louisa this week but it turns out she's fine (biggest phew ever). Totally fine. I won't tell you what it was about because I don't want to embarrass the poor girl. She's fine.

No new pictures this week so I'm just going to bring back an old one. This is Louisa from when she was 6 weeks old. She's had a big personality from the moment we met her:

Much love PENpals,