Zach's PEN #40: Back to Photography

2021 Week 17: Just a bunch of pictures this week, and of course my every day posts

Dear PENpals,

One minor way the pandemic unfortunately got me was that it hit just as I was really falling back in love with photography again. Also going to the library. The library will have to wait a little while longer, but photography's coming roaring back now.

I wrote about why, if you've fallen out of love with photography, shooting film might bring back that loving feeling.

Otherwise, this week was absolutely exhausting, and I'll leave it at that.

This PEN will be a short one full of freshly developed photographs.

This Week's Posts

I made fun of a company that I've never been fair to, is actually an amazing company, and I really have no right no make fun of them, but I did.

I wrote about what most tools for thought get wrong right out of the gate.

I wrote about a way to think about notetaking that removes some of the unnecessary anxiety.

I wrote about some of the tricky things about losing a mother when you're 5.

I’ve been in a weird mood, sorry if it becomes unbearable. I wrote about how much I love storms.

I wrote about something I’ve gotten wrong over the years about creative tools and workflows.

Loading some film on my own reels for the first time and getting ready to put them in the tank.

Much love, PENpals,