Zach's PEN #42: A Hard, Sad Week

2021 Week 19: Sometimes you show up Monday thinking this week's gonna be fine...

Dear PENpals,

This was a week where everything seemed to go wrong, and then a friend of the family died, tragically, way too young.

I walked into Monday thinking everything was okay. This was going to be a week of progress, of focused attention to the things that need attention.

Monday was like 17 roundhouse kicks to the face.

Everything at once was broken, was late, was lost.

I will say that, by the end of the week, there were reasons to feel hopeful, mainly because my resilience appears to be stronger than it has ever been. I didn't fall apart, break down, or do anything I didn't intend to do. I didn't even miss anything that I did intend to do.

That's a really big deal for me.

The truth is, almost none of what happened is really about me, but this PEN is about me, so pardon my indulgence.

The weather is absolutely beautiful here in Philadelphia. I rode my bicycle through town several times this week, and the whole family went to our community garden plot to water the tomatoes and Louisa picked a flower. These are all digital photos taken with the Fuji X100V.

This Week's Posts

I wrote about my buddy Tom's amazing recording studio in an unlikely location.

I wrote about one of the strange (and only) things I'm unapologetically proud of work-wise.

I wrote about processing film at home, and there's a video of my film developing machine.

I wrote about one thing that I thought didn't line up with this non-coercive productivity thing I've been blathering on about.

I wrote about looking at addiction from a different angle that might help the layman understand this baffling thing better.

I wrote about an incredible thing that Beau Haan's Zettelkasten Fleeting Notes method unlocks.

I wrote some thoughts about top-down structures, their place, and why most everywhere is NOT their place.

I also went on a recovery podcast this week. I'll share it when it's posted.

That's all for this week, PENpals. Maybe next week will be better.

Much love and peace and comfort,