Zach's PEN #44: Down The Shore

2021 Week 21: It's cold and windy and rainy, but a much-needed vacation has begun

Good morning PENpals,

I’m on vacation at the Jersey Shore for a week, and just in time for great weather.

In all seriousness, though, there’s something about the hunkered-down laziness of rainy days… maybe it’ll be just right.

Uncle Gavin and Aunt Becky brought us delicious tacos last night and we just spent the morning, or at least 18 minutes of it, down at the beach, wearing raingear in a cozy 51 degrees and a steady 51 mph wall of wind.

Also, here’s a followup picture from last weekend of my dad with Louisa and Wendell.

The Zettelkasten

I’ve taken a lot of courses on the internet over the years, some of which I’ve paid thousands of dollars for. Beau Haan’s free “book club” (totally a course) on implementing Niklas Luhmann’s Zettelkasten in Roam Research puts every one of them to shame. It isn’t even close. I am floored, my brain has exploded, I feel like I just got bit by a radioactive spider.

I can highly recommend to anyone who is curious, likes exploring ideas, or simply wants their mind blown, to sign up for the Roam Book Club #5 waiting list here.

Hopefully the weather gets better out here. I brought my Bolex and a couple hundred feet of film to get Wendell’s first beach experience.

Much love to all. Feeling very good, very positive. Tough couple weeks but back up and ready to fully engage life and take more punches, and maybe throw a few.