Zach's PEN #47: Easter Photos for Father's Day

2021 Week 24: We went to a wedding and I finally developed some film.

Dear PENpals,

Yesterday we attended the wedding of our good friends Sean and Luke. Sean was the Associate Rector at Allison's church before he went on to be the Rector at St. Mary's in Ardmore. Like so many others, Sean and Luke had to reschedule/replan their wedding multiple times.

We continue to learn about just how not shy our Louisa is. At the reception, she made rounds for three hours, jumping from stranger's lap into stranger's lap, asking questions ranging from "Can I hold your baby?" to "Can I have your cake and your sweater?" to "Why do some people have two families?" Allison and I took turns walking up to each person whose conversation and personal space Louisa had annexed to ask if this was okay.

Everyone insisted they were fine with it.

Related: Thursday, Louisa's preschool class (The Koalas) held their annual Koala Awards, and Louisa won the Headed to Hollywood award. I promise this is not my fault.

As has been promised for many weeks, I finally developed some film. The rest of this PEN will be photography heavy.


All of these photos were taken with the Fujifilm TX-1, also known as the Hasselblad XPAN (same camera, built by Fuji, but sold also with Hasselblad branding, the Fuji one is cooler). The TX-1 is a unique camera because it takes photos almost twice the width of a normal 35mm frame, so you get 21-22 shots per roll rather than 36. It’s an incredibly fun rangefinder camera and I love it.

And just two more… You can also create really tall pictures with a panoramic camera. This usually doesn’t make sense, but here’s one of the kiddos in front of Allison’s church, Holy Trinity on Rittenhouse Square.

And even though I don’t love this last photo, I’m throwing it in here because it was the first time I approached someone I saw on the street and asked “Do you mind if I take a picture of you guys?” That was a big step for me in terms of courage.

Writing Update

To be more specific with what's going on with my writing at the moment, I'm holding off publishing (unless there's something I really can't not publish) until I have 125 Permanent Notes in my Zettelkasten, at which point, I believe there may be an explosion of publishing. This will take a while, but I believe it’s the right use of my writing energy at the moment.

Much love, PENpals,