2021 Week 18: The most mind-blowing book I've ever read.
2021 Week 17: Just a bunch of pictures this week, and of course my every day posts
2021 Week 16: My partner and CEO, some writing about capitalism, debate, and Louisa's movie-watching habits, and my automatic film processor has arrived
2021 Week 15: Back on set, and some fake companies and logos I enjoyed making
2021 Week 14: Getting ready to shoot Markee videos, no pressure
2021 Week 13: Baby haircuts, streak milestones, and scanning Gumps's old journals
2021 Week 12: It's Allison's birthday, second vaccine shots, and hopeful economic news
2021 Week 11: I watched Syracuse basketball for only the second time this season, postponed creating daily videos until the Markee launch, and got feat…
2021 Week 10: Our first visitors in our guest room, a Markee update, and pictures I've probably already sent to PENpals (sorry)
2021 Week 9: Thoughts on privilege and compassion, screenwriting, automation, and Yak Shaving
2021 Week 8: Some thoughts on why I'm writing this and what my PENpals can expect more of.
2021 Week 7: Writing wrongly, good signs and big news at work, and some more snowbabies...