2021 Week 29: Another successful experiment, light meters, and mechanical keyboards
2021 Week 28: First quick video tour of Markee courtesy of me and Newton
2021 Week 27: The work I'm most proud of
2021 Week 26: Happy Fourth and a podcast recommendation

June 2021

2021 Week 25: A single, life-changing principle from the bottom-up Zettelkasten process
2021 Week 24: We went to a wedding and I finally developed some film.
2021 Week 23: A considerably better weekend than last weekend
2021 Week 22: An exciting twist ending to vacation week

May 2021

2021 Week 21: It's cold and windy and rainy, but a much-needed vacation has begun
2021 Week 20: This experiment was a success, and on to the next one...
2021 Week 19: Sometimes you show up Monday thinking this week's gonna be fine...
2021 Week 18: The most mind-blowing book I've ever read.